About Me.


When I first started this blog at the end of 2013, I weighed roughly 200lbs.
In 2014, I went to the gym and was on and off several diet changes searching for something that worked for me. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, rather a more health conscience way of eating that I could stick to and feel good about. I knew I wanted to eat clean and I wanted simple, delicious meals. By Sept. 2014, I found KETO. It made sense for my lifestyle – what I like to eat and how I eat. Best of all, I see results! I’m still learning, but I’ve made more progress eating keto than any other way of eating. I’ve fallen off the wagon on occasion, but I enjoy it enough to keep coming back! This time I hope to be more disciplined. I am not currently exercising, but it is in the game plan.

Since I’ve grown as a person I’m making a fresh start with this blog! Deleted all my old posts. My intention is to share easy meals and share this journey with you. Please feel free to share back 🙂

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01.05.15 StartingWeight: 188 | CurrentWeight: 185 | GoalWeight: 130



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