January Goals

Since I first started Keto, I’ve never actually made it an entire month – caving somewhere in the middle having a binge day or two which could lead to a binge week.

My first Smart Goal (tangible and specific goal) of the year is to keep Keto for an entire month. I will accomplish this goal with meal plans and pre-cooking meals.

What is one of your goals?


2 responses to “January Goals

  1. You can do it! I just finished preparing my meals for the next few days (my organic produce delivery comes on Tuesdays). I boiled some eggs, cut up some veggies, fried some bacon and cleaned my produce. I also cut up some blocks of cheese, put some bacon in baggies and some celery with almond butter in bags. I put the carb free salad dressing in my lunch bag (to store at work). Set yourself up for success. It’s okay to have a little taste every once in a while, just set yourself up for success and keep chugging along, don’t be too hard on yourself!

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